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I am actually quite enjoying myself. Since I began my movement I have hardly been able to control myself enough to sit down. I can tell it has begun to annoy Izzy, but she only smiles sweetly at me. I moved to a different room today. It is more of a bedroom type room and far more comfortable. I have found that I love cushions. My bed is merely a great number of very soft, velvety cushions piled in the corner of the room, and I do not believe I could be much happier. Most foods, I have discovered, are delicious. I especially love ptolymelons. Although this room is nicer there is still little to do and I have found myself very bored. Izzy has offered to play games with me, but the only one's that she knows are very childish and quite dumb. I haven't seen Professor Thirsten in a few days and I wonder what he has been up to, not monitoring me and all.
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