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Things have been quite hectic lately, more so than I ever expected was possible. Has it been just days, or weeks since I updated here, I can not be sure. I only know that it has been quite a while. It didn't take long to finish my "therapy" as Izzy called it. Something about how I had to get used to being alive and moving around, breathing, eating, sleeping, random everyday things like that. Honestly I'm not sure I ever needed this time, it all came quite natural for me, as Professor Thirsten had predicted it would. Izzy says I am finally going to go to the palace tomorrow and meet the king and queen, my "parents". Needless to say I'm quite nervous. What if I am not what they expected? What if they are not what I'm expecting? What if this all has been some big mistake? I need something to calm my nerves. Where's Izzy with my dinner?
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