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New Life

What has happened? Where am I?

I came into existance -at least I don't remember existing before this- very suddenly. I wasn't, and then, in the next instant, I was. I opened my eyes for the first time to darkness, utter darkness. All around me is blackness. I can feel a solid ground beneath my paws, and a slight heat across my fur. I tried to take a step, but either I have no limbs, or they are not yet functioning. Am I the only thing alive in this world. I hope not, for it would be a very lonely world indeed.

Maybe I did exist before, for I know things that I don't know how I know them. I know the way things should be, I can see things that I have never actually seen with my eyes inside my head. I know what sand is, yet I don't remember ever seeing it. I know what water is, and that I need it to live, but I have never had any liquid pass through my jaws. And see there, I know what jaws are, but I have never spoken, so how do I know they exist? How do I know that I should have limbs and that I should be able to move them? It is all very confusing and my head aches just thinking about it. How do I know that I have a head? How do I know what pain is?

I just do.
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