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I awoke again this morning -funny because I don't remember falling asleep- to glimpse my first light. It was dim and green and I could hardly make out anything around me. The only distinct thing was one very tall, very wide, cylinder from which the light was emitted. As soon as I opened my eyes I found myself surrounded by other beings. In the dim light it was impossible to make out the species of any of them.

One, however, did seem to be in charge. He had a deep male voice and spoke slowly as though making constant observations. He seemed very pleased to see that I was awake, and I decided never to let him know that I had been awake once before when he was not around. I like him, generally, though I wish he would explain a few things to me. But still, my vocal cords do not seem to be working and I can not voice my questions.

The one that was in charge -the others called him Proffesor Thirsten- mentioned a word today that I believe was my name. He called me: Lautriv. After much pondering over the matter -after Proffesor Thirsten and his assistants had left me to sleep- I realized that if my name was spelled as I think it is, L-A-U-T-R-I-V, then there is a pattern to be noticed. If the letters are reveresed, it very clearly spells Virtual. How do I even know how to spell at all? How do I even know what spelling is? My head is beginning to hurt again and the proffesor suggested I get some rest and I think that's just what I might do.
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