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The power of the word.

I spoke for the first time today. It's too bad Professor Thirsten wasn't around to hear it, he would have been so proud. My first word: "Ouch" Not exactly a classy first word, but still one never the less.

You may be wondering what prompted me to say this. It actually kind of surprised me too.

Despite my extreme excitement I was actually able to get a good amount of sleep last night. Or at least I'm sure it ws good an long because I awoke again fully rested.

When I came too this time, things were a lot different. I think I was still in the same spot I had been the last few times I had awoken -or last time at least- because that same cylindrical thing was the same place it had been before. This time though, everything was extremely lit up. The light was almost blinding at first and I had to sheild my eyes -did I mention I moved my limbs for the first time today too. The room looked just like I would have expected any mad scientist lab to look like. Full of beakers of odd colored liquids and long thing metal opperating tables just waiting for something...

Anyway, I was alone when I woke up again and was about to investigate the room when the door opened and Professor Thirsten came in. I think he much have been monitoring me or something, to know exactly when I woke up. The professor, it turns out, is a Lenny, a navy blue one, and very tall. His two assistants -I think they were with him last time I saw him- were a human sized earth faerie and an Aisha. They hovered around behind him, like dogs waiting for their master to drop a scrap of food.

And there was another one with them, a human. She was girl, only a teenager, and very beautiful. I'm pretty sure she wasn't with them last time, but I can't be positive. She walked beside the professor, listening to something he was saying very intently.

When she saw me watching her, her eyes lit up and she hurrried over to my side. "Hi," she said in a high squeaky voice like she were talking to a little baby. I detest that kind of voice.

"Lautriv," he said to me -I'm under the assumption that that is my name- "this is Izzy. She's an old friend of mine, she'll watch over you until your health... improves." And he said it just like that, with a dramatic pause. Honestly I think my health's just fine, but he's the doctor so I suppose he knows better.

After the professor and his assistants left, Izzy gave me a smile and said she had to give me something for my vocal cords. Then she produced -honestly, I don't know where it came from, she just had it very suddenly- a needle filled with an orangy liquid.

And when she stuck it into my neck, I felt the sharp pain and cried out, "Ouch."

There must have been something else in that saringe, because as soon as the liquid was completely desposited inside my throat, I began to feel woozy and soon fell back to sleep.
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