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The Story

Prompted by Ra, I decided it would be quite beneficial to know exactly where I am. Izzy went away yesterday, saying something about stupid ixis and their tempers, but she returned sometime this morning and was here when I awoke. I gathered my wits about me and finally asked what on Neopia was going on here?

Well she explained.

I guess I was surprised, because I didn't actually expect her to answer. (Thank you Ra for getting me so paranoid) Well, she answered with a tired kind of smile, and settled down on the floor. "Yes," she said, "I guess you kinda need to know." She glanced around nervously, as if she were afraid someone was watching her. I feared that someone might have been Professor Thirsten, but I didn't say anything for fear she might decide against telling me the story. This is what she said:

I had no idea what any of this was about at first. I knew Professor Thirsten from school. He taught me everything I knew about robotics, which I must say isn't very much. I got a letter from him a few days ago, asking that I take some time off from school to come help him with a project. He said it was very important and he'd explain everything when I got there.

When I arrived he looked tired. More tired than I had ever seen him. But he smiled when he saw me and quickly ushered me inside.

He offered me a glass of water, and some scarab cakes and then he explained. He had built a robotic kougra. Yes Lautriv, that is you.

We are not in the Lost Desert exactly, though it's very close by. Very few know of this land, and those who do keep the secret well. It is ruled by a great King and Queen, Remsis and his lovely wife Petora. Both are getting on in years and fear that they will pass soon. And unfortunately they have no heir. That is where Professor Thirsten comes in. It is known throughout the land that the professor was very close to a scientific breakthrough in robotics. It was said that he could make an exact replica of any living thing and make it think, eat, learn, and grow, just like we do. Remsis had heard of him.

The king was desperate, so he sent a note to Professor Thirsten with his request. He wanted an heir. He wanted a son. And that is why you are Lautriv. You were created by the professor to be the heir to the throne of this land, to someday rule it.

Professor Thirsten is very good at what he does. There is actually very little about you that is robotic really. Your fur will grow and need to be trimmed like real kougra fur. You will get hungry, and thirsty and need to eat. You will feel heat and coldness. Your skin and muscles, though laboratory made, will act just as any other kougras skin and muscles will act, same as your eyes, your ears, your nose. You are as alive as is possible. You will even feel pain and bleed. The only differences. You have no heart, your blood is self pumping. You have no brain, only a program that circulates around in your head. And your bones, they can not be broken for they are not regular bones, they are made of a rare type of metal that was made only for this purpose. But in all other aspects, you are a kougra."

She stopped then and looked at me with big, compassionate eyes. I could tell that she hated to be the one to tell me I wasn't real. I guess it didn't surprise me though. I sort of new it all along.

We just sat there for a long time. I couldn't bring myself to move. Eventually Izzy got up and left, but I don't remember seeing her go. I just know, that when I cleared my head, she was gone. Now I'm just sitting here, alone in this room atop all my comfy cusions.

I'm waiting for something. I just wish I knew what.
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